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Seminar of the "Electromagnetic Modeling" theme - (Multi)periodic heterostructures for applications in photonics, plasmonics and magnonics

Yuliya DADOENKOVA from Lab-STICC will give a seminar entitled "(Multi)periodic heterostructures for applications in photonics, plasmonics and magnonics" on Friday, January 19 at 11:00 a.m. in Room Pierre Cotton.

Abstact : This talk will be devoted to the description of periodic, multiperiodic or aperiodic multilayered heterostructures and of the way the control the propagation of electromagnetic waves and/or spin waves. When considering the interaction of electromagnetic waves with such structures, typically called photonic crystals and characterized by their forbidden bands, i.e., the frequency ranges for which the waves cannot propagate inside the structure. I will first consider various such with a specific emphasis on structures exhibiting one or several intra-band modes (narrow high-transmittivity peaks inside the forbidden bands) that can be made, for instance, to coincide with the plasmonic excitation modes of metallic nanoparticles embedded in the structure. Potential applications to the design of components such as polarization-dependent spectral filters, amplifiers, or sensors will be discussed. In a second part, I will consider periodic magnetic multilayered heterostructures in which spin waves exhibit the very same behaviour as that exhibited by electromagnetic waves in photonic crystals. In such so-called magnonic crystals, bandgaps also exist for which spin waves cannot propagate. A particular attention will be devoted to an example of multifunctional heterostructure combining the properties of a photonic crystal and those of a magnonic crystal.

Contact : Guillaume DEMESY