Manuel Guizar Sicairos, PSI/EPFL

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Manuel Guizar-Sicairos from EPFL Lausanne / PSI Switzerland, is an expert in ptychography, sparse sampling, tomography and inverse problems. He will give an seminar entitled "Nanostructure characterization via 3D X-ray ptychography" on Friday, September 29 at 09:30 a.m. in Pierre Cotton room.

Abstract : The advent of new and upgraded 4th generation X-ray synchrotron sources increase their brilliance and beam coherent fraction. This will allow for faster and more efficient use of coherent imaging techniques. Of particular interest are coherent diffractive imaging techniques, including ptychography, which can forgo the use of imaging optics and obtain images with diffraction-limited resolution using iterative phase retrieval algorithms. In this seminar we will discuss the basics of ptychography and describe how the technique is applied to obtain 3D nanostructure maps using X-rays. We will also present the latest advances in acquisition and computational imaging have led to a resolution of 4 nm in 3D.

Contact & Biography : Manuel Guizar-Sicairos -

Invitation : Tilman Grunewald, COMIX team