Wilfried Blanc, INPHYNI

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Friday, September 15th, at 09:30 a.m. in room Pierre Cotton of Institut Fresnel, Wilfried Blanc (INPHYNI) will give a talk entitled "Nanoparticles in optical fibers, oxymoron or next pleonasm ?"

Abstract : To overcome some limitations of silica glass, one strategy consists of developing a fabrication method which triggers RE encapsulation in phase-separated nanoparticles. The development of this family of optical fibers was driven by this requirement : “the particles must be as small as possible to avoid light scattering”. However, recent studies tend to disapprove this doxa. Indeed, due to the change of composition of the nanoparticles, the smallest ones would offer limited alteration of the luminescent properties. Howover, light scattering is not only an issue but is also an opportunity to develop new temperature, strain, refractive index optical fiber sensors.

Contact : Jérôme Wenger