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Origins of modern microscopy : 1903-1988

The next seminar of the theme « advanced imaging and life sciences » will take place on Monday May 27th at 11h00 in the room Pierre Cotton. Colin Sheppard, who made seminal contributions in the field of optics, microscopy and imaging, will give a review lecture on modern microscopy : "Origins of modern microscopy : 1903-1988"

Orateur : Colin Sheppard, University of Wollongong, Australia - UOW · School of Chemistry

Résumé :
The optical microscope is an important tool in modern medicine and biology, but also in materials science and industrial applications. The basic instrument became mature in the late 19th century, and comparatively little improvement made since then. In contrast, a wide range of important new techniques have been introduced in the last few decades, which have had dramatic impact. These include confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, light sheet microscopy, structured illumination microscopy, image scanning microscopy, and various forms of phase contrast microscopy amongst others. We follow through the historical developments of these techniques, some of which have been reinvented several times before becoming commercially available.

Invitation : Miguel Alonso