(Archive) Jeudi 25 Mars 2010 à 13h30 (amphi Rouard) - Ready-for-space : “Fitness tests for laser optics”

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par W. Riede, H. Schröder, P. Allenspacher
DLR - German Aerospace Center
Institute of Technical Physics
Stuttgart, Germany


Accessing space with high-power laser systems is not a straightforward task as the space environment entails various risks for optical surfaces and even bulk materials. High-power laser systems can respond very sensitively on absorption increase on optical surfaces or in the bulk of transmissive optics, on misalignment of the optical axis, or coating delamination or destruction. These deleterious effects can be conveyed by a simultaneous action of outgassing contaminants and (UV) laser radiation leading to absorbing deposits on optical surfaces, by high energy solar or cosmic radiation generating color centers in the bulk of materials, by vibration-sensitive mounting of optics leading to misalignment during launch, by high-fluence exposure exceeding vacuum laser damage thresholds (coating destruction) or mismatch of thermal expansion coefficients (coating delamination), to mention just the most important risks.

The DLR laser optics qualification laboratory has specialized on vacuum laser damage testing of optical coatings, on contamination effects, and on efficient long term phase matching of nonlinear crystals. In addition, various external tests on vibration testing, thermal vacuum testing, and high energy radiation testing of optical components were arranged and coordinated. The results of these tests will be presented.

Invitation : J.-Y. Natoli (MAP2)