(Archive) Mercredi 9 Décembre à 16h00 (amphi Ponte) - Enrico Gratton - 3D particle tracking and imaging at the nanometer scale (Conférence du Leica Scientific Forum)

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By tracking fluorescent particles in 3D we obtain the images of underlying structures with nanometer resolution. Recently we extended this method to obtain nanometer resolved images of complex biological structures. The method is based on tracking by circular scanning, rather than using cameras. In this talk the basis of the method is discussed and examples of chromatin structure and the structure of microvilli are shown.

Invitation : Pierre-François Lenne (IBDML), Patrick Ferrand (MOSAIC), dans le cadre du Leica Scientific Forum

A noter : A partir de 14h, rencontres avec l’invité (Contact : Patrick Ferrand)

La conférence sera suivie d’un buffet.