(Archives) Jeudi 16 Avril 2009 à 11h00 (amphi Rouard) : Adaptive Optics : From Astronomy to Vision Science

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par Chris Dainty
National Univeristy of Ireland, Galway


The technique of adaptive optics was first proposed in 1953. It was first implemented on
large astronomical telescopes about 20 years ago, and now is installed on all the World’s major
ground-based telescopes. The impact of adaptive optics in astronomy, although significant, is not as great as first hoped, because it has a number of limitations, in particular a limited field of
view and guide star problems in the visible region of the spectrum. Adaptive optics has significant potential in many other areas of science and commercial products. I will discuss
the role of adaptive optics in retinal imaging and visual psychophysics, and also mention its
current application in DVD recorders/players.

Invitation : A. Sentenac