Igor Meglinski will give a seminar "Optical biopsy with circularly polarized light" on Monday, July 6 at 02:00 pm

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Igor Meglinski, Laboratory of Opto-Electronics and Measurement Techniques, University of Oulu, Finland, will give a seminar "Optical biopsy with circularly polarized light" on Monday, July 6 at 02:00 p.m. in Room Pierre Cotton (grounfloor Institut Fresnel)

Abstract :
The field of cancer diagnostics is rapidly expanding, and as diagnostic technology improves so does the ability to detect and identify the many different types and sub-types of cancer. For the successful treatment the early detection of cancer is extremely important. However, during early cancer onset it is quite difficult for pathologist to differentiate between tissues that may be neoplastic versus normal tissue undergoing dysplastic changes that is unlikely to become neoplastic. Currently, the most widely used methodology for cancer diagnosis is histological analysis with further microscopy investigation. Despite the best laboratory practice the rate of conclusive diagnosis by histological analysis for a range of cancers, including cervical, bladder, skin and oral cancer, is only 65-75%. We demonstrated that circular and/or elliptical polarized laser light scattered within the biological tissues is highly sensitive to the presence of cancer cells and their aggressiveness in tissues. Moreover, we found that the position of Stokes vector of scattered light on the Poincaré sphere displays the successive stages of colorectal cancer. We use the Poincaré sphere as a convenient tool for analysis the state of polarization of light scattered within biological tissue ; navigating by Poincaré sphere (similar as by terrestrial globe, using longitude and latitude as in GPS navigator) to monitor/determine polarisation properties and condition of biological tissues. We envisage that this research will enable the development of a new revolutionary biomedical instrumentation for non-invasive optical biopsy and diagnosis of presence of cancer at the very early stages.

Biography :
Professor Igor Meglinski, MSc in Laser Physics (1992), PhD in Biophysics (1997), completed study at the interface between Saratov State University (Russia) and the University of Pennsylvania (USA). He is Director of the Laboratory of Opto-Electronics and Measurement Techniques in the University of Oulu (Finland). His research activities lie at the interface between physics, medicine and biological sciences, focusing on the development of new biomedical instrumentations and their application in medicine & biology, material sciences, pharmacy, food, environmental monitoring, and health care industries. He is author and co-author over 200 research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, proceedings of international conferences and book chapters, and over 400 presentations at the major international conferences and symposia in the field, including over 180 invited lectures and plenary talks. He is the Node Leader in Biophotonics4Life Worldwide Consortium, Fellow of the Institute of Physics, Fellow of SPIE and Senior Member of IEEE.

Contact : igor.meglinski@oulu.fi

Invitation : Anabela DA SILVA, Team DIMABIO