Photothermal effects in plasmonics, PEP2018, Porquerolles

Confirmed lecturers

All the lectures will be given by internationally recognized researchers and scientists. Here is the list of speakers who confirmed their participation to the School:

Alessandro Alabastri

Rice University (Texas, USA)
Thermoplasmonics, solar light harvesting

Andrea Baldi

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Plasmonics-assisted chemistry

Sébastien Beer

Hamamatsu (France)
Scientific cameras

Sébastien Bidault

Institut Langevin (France)
SERS, Strong coupling

Souhir Boujday

Laboratoire de reactivité de surface, Paris (France)
Biosensing, nanoparticle functionalization

Frank Cichos

Universität Leipzig (Germany)
Molecular thermophoresis

Alejandro Manjavacas

Instituto de Óptica - CSIC, Spain &
University of New Mexico (USA)
Theoretical nanophotonics, hot-carriers, 2D materials

Sylvie Marguet

CEA Saclay (France)
Synthesis & assemby of gold nanoparticles, hot-carriers

David Norris

ETH, Zurich (Switzerland)
Plasmonics, quantum emitters

Michel Orrit

Leiden University (Netherlands)
Molecular photophysics, single molecule, plasmonics

Jerome Plain

UTT, Troyes (France)
Hybrid plasmonics

Romain Quidant

ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

Giulia Tagliabue

EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Hot carrier plasmonics

Pierre Türschmann

Interherence GmbH, Erlangen (Germany)
Temperature control in high- and super-resolution optics

Jérôme Wenger

Institut Fresnel, Marseille (France)
Fluorescence measurement techniques, molecular plasmonics