Correlations in light and other waves

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Principal investigator : Miguel A. Alonso
Keywords : partial coherence, polarization, Wigner function, Ambiguity function, entanglement.

This work includes theoretical and experimental studies of correlations between optical fields at different points (spatial coherence), at different times (temporal coherence), or for different field components (polarization). At the theoretical level, different formalisms are proposed for modeling partially coherent light, including phase space representations such as the Wigner or Ambiguity functions, or orthonormal basis decompositions for paraxial and nonparaxial beams. At the experimental level, we propose simple non-interferometric techniques for efficiently measuring spatial coherence, phase, and polarization.

Another area of study is the use of similar theoretical models to characterize correlations in quantum wavefunctions, including new descriptions of entanglement that present analogies with optical polarization.


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