ETOPIM 9 - du 2 au 7 septembre 2012, Jardin du Pharo, Marseille

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The 35th Anniversary of ETOPIM !

The 9th edition of the ETOPIM conference series will take place from September 2nd to 7th, 2012 in the Jardin du Pharo in the typically mediterranean city of Marseille, located in the South of France. The Palais du Pharo offers spectacular views of the old harbour in Marseille and the Chateau d’Iff renowned for being the central part of the plot of the world famous Count of Monte-Cristo. A shuttle service is available from the international Marseille-Provence airport straight to the city center. The friendly and stimulating atmosphere of ETOPIM will unite international scientists with common professional interests to share both their knowledge of recent developments as well as their ideas about prospective directions and approaches on the theory of composites.

ETOPIM is an inter-disciplinary conference where researchers from different application areas can come together to exchange ideas on common theoretical, numerical and experimental techniques and solutions. The ETOPIM conference series will continue its success of the 2006 edition in Sydney, Australia, and the 2009 edition in Crete, Greece, by providing an interdisciplinary forum for a deeper understanding of the physical, and biological interactions among nanoscale components and bridging complex materials research and applications with emphasis on emergent phenomena in thin films, interfaces, surfaces, nanostructures and heterostructures. The ETOPIM 9 conference is a new development, in response to growing interests in acoustic and electromagnetic metamaterials research among participants of the ETOPIM conference series.


 Ulf Leonhardt - Opening Oration - Cloaking / photonics (UK)
 Acoustics (phononic crystals and metamaterials) - John Page (CANADA)
 Acoustics (phononic crystals and metamaterials) - Ping Sheng (HONG KONG)
 Plasmonics - Mark Brongersma (USA)
 Optics (photonic crystals and metamaterials) - Costas Soukoulis (GREECE)
 Photonics/Optics (non-linear optics) - Yuri Kivshar (AUSTRALIA)
 Optics - Ruben Barrera (MEXICO)
 Mechanics - Richard Craster (UK)
 Magnetism - David Bergman (ISRAEL)
 Theory of Bounds - Elena Cherkaev (USA)
 Martin Wegener (GERMANY)


 Random media (localization of elastic waves) - Bart Van Tiggelen (FRANCE)
 Quasi-crystals - Denis Gratias (FRANCE)
 Acoustics/Waves - Mathias Fink (FRANCE)

Stefan Enoch & Sébastien Guenneau

Committee :
 Professor Ross McPhedran, Univ. of Sydney (Hon. Pres)
 Professor Graeme Milton, Utah, USA (Hon. Vice-Pres)
 Professor Costas Soukoulis, USA/Greece Hon. Vice-Pres)
 Professor David McKenzie, Univ. of Sydney (Hon. Secy)
 Professor Lindsay Botten, UTS ( Hon. Treas)
 Dr Stuart Anderson, DSTO, South Australia (Hon Assist. Treas)
 Dr Boris Kuhlmey, Univ. of Sydney (Public Off.)
 Professor David Bergman, Israel (Committee)
 Professor Ken Golden, USA (Committee)
 Dr Maria Kafesaki, Greece (Committee, Co-Convenor, ETOPIM8)
 Professor Andrey Lagarkov, Russia (Committee)
 Professor Sir John Pendry, UK (Committee)
 Professor Vladimir Shalaev, USA (Committee)
 Professor Ping Sheng, Hong Kong (Committee)

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