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Research topics

CNRS Researcher

My research activities focus on nanophotonics, diffractive optics, metasurfaces. I am particularly interested in the singular analysis of photonic devices and on the design of diffractive optics and optically resonant nanostructures.


Google Scholar.

I am at the head of the Clarte group that hosts 8 permanent people working in the fields of metamaterials, diffraction gratings and light scattering, nanophotonics and quantum nano-optics.

Deputy editor for Optics Express (Optical Society of America) since 2018. Associate Editor 2014-2018.

Editor-in-chief of Photoniques, journal of the French Optical Society.

Member of the C’Nano steering committee.

Optical Fellow (2022) and Senior Member (2018)

We have one open PhD proposal and several master internships. Contact me by email for further information.