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Research topics

CNRS Researcher

My research activities focus on nanophotonics, diffractive optics, metasurfaces. I am particularly interested in the singular analysis of photonic devices and on the design of diffractive optics and optically resonant nanostructures.


Google Scholar.

I am at the head of the Clarte group that hosts 8 permanent people working in the fields of metamaterials, diffraction gratings and light scattering, nanophotonics and quantum nano-optics.

Deputy editor for Optics Express (Optical Society of America) since 2018. Associate Editor 2014-2018.

Editor-in-chief of Photoniques, journal of the French Optical Society.

Member of the C’Nano steering committee.

Optical Fellow (2022) and Senior Member (2018)

 We have 1 open post doc position (18 months) to work on the singularity expansion method and the design of metasurfaces.

 1 PhD thesis to work on the theoretical analysis and numerical optimization of metasurfaces for optical detection of chiral molecules. 2024-2027.

 2 master internships will open in Spring 2024 to perform theoretical and numerical studies of metasurfaces.

Contact me by email for further information.