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Nature of the problem

A large number of measurement techniques involve the scanning of a probe, while a physical quantity is measured. This is, for instance, the case for all scanning imaging methods. Data acquisition therefore requires high acquisition rates, together with an accurate synchronization between the probe control and the measurement.

Solution method

The GPScan.VI program allows the setting up of National Instruments multifunction acquisition boards, so that analog output voltage series (used to drive the scanner / probe) are generated, while analog input and counter acquisitions are run synchronously.

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Program download

The GPScan.VI program is detailed in a paper published in Computer Physics Communications, and available here :

Ferrand - CPC 2015

It is distributed through the CPC Program Library at the following URL or upon request by email


Patrick Ferrand,


Below a non exhaustive list of scientific articles reporting on measurements performed using GPScan. Be the next !