The 100 Hz ns damage test bench

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The 100 Hz damage test bench is powered by a Spectra Physics Quanta-Ray Lab-Series laser. The laser delivers up to 320 mJ per pulse at 1064 nm. The special version Lab-190-100 provides pulses at a pulse repetition rate of 100 Hz. It is coupled with an extra cavity frequency conversion module allowing to convert part of the beam to 532 nm, 355 nm or 266 nm. The pulses can be injection seeded providing single longitudinal mode operation at reduced power levels.

A custom made fast shutter (fabricated by Alpes Instruments Inc.) allows single pulse picking, frequency division and gating of the laser output. As usual for laser damage experiments the laser is operated at always the same settings and variations of the fluence (energy density) on the sample are obtained by attenuation using a half-wave plate followed by a polarizer.

The setup is used either for photoluminescence pumping (link to PL page) at the UV wavelengths or for multi pulse laser damage experiments (link to S/1 page). For the purpose of the multi pulse experiments, for which the maximum pulse repetition rate is 50 Hz, the setup uses two fast digital cameras linked to a LabView programmable acquisition system. One camera takes pictures of the beam profile and the other observes the irradiated sample through some magnification optics (microsope or similar).

The figure below describes schematically the optical setup and shows also part of the electronics used to automate the experiments and record the data.