Metallic absorbers

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Reflection of light by metallic plane can be drastically reduced by structuring the metallic film at nanometer scales. Anomalies in reflection were discovered more than one century ago by Wood in the case of metallic gratings, and it is now established that surface plasmons polaritons are involved in the phenomenon of full absorption of light by metallic gratings. About 30 years ago, Hutley and Maystre have predicted and observed total absorption of light by a shallow sinusoidal grating, with groove depth of the order of one tenth of wavelength. As far as PSW can only propagate in transverse-magnetic TM polarization, a grating with one-dimensional periodicity is able to absorb only the half of unpolarized light, a disadvantage in solar cells optimisation and other unpolarized applications (optical telecommunications, luminescence spectroscopy, etc.).
We study both 1D and 2D (biperiodic, or crossed gratings) nanostructured metals able to absorb light for both fundamental TE and TM polarisations.
We use home made numerical codes that are able to calculate accurately the diffracted efficiencies and reconstruct the light intensity inside the nanostructured area, and we detail physical analysis in order to provide an deep understanding of the phenomena.

You will find below some of our papers published in this topic :

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