Nanoscopy - dSTORM

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Nanoscopy - dSTORM

Principal investigators : Serge Monneret and Guillaume Baffou

Direct STochastic Optical Microscopy (dSTORM) is a powerful technique able to accuratly localize single molecules and build an optical image with a sub-diffraction limit resolution (down to 20 nm). Our team is extending the capabilities of this recent technique by monitoring as well the fluorescence polarization anisotropy of the dSTORM fluorophores. Our goal is to access physical quantities such as the temperature or the molecular orientation in cellular membrane with a nanoscale resolution.

Figure : dSTORM nano-imaging of a labelled COS-7 cell. A : mean fluorescence image, from a video stack of 1000 images. B, C : zoomed regions of interest (8 x and 64 x) same scale as in D, E, F respectively. D : image of the pixels associated to each detected fluorophore. E, F : zoomed dSTORM-images, with each detected fluorophore displayed as a peak of 10 nm (0.1 pixel) radius, as defined by the typical localization accuracy provided by dSTORM

People involved

 Serge Monneret
 Guillaume Baffou
 Sébastien Mailfert (CIML)
 Thomas Trombik (CIML)
 Julien Savatier