(Archive) Jeudi 28 janvier 2010 à 11h (salle P. Cotton) - X-ray free electron lasers and new opportunities for coherent x-rays

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par Christian Gutt,
HASYLAB at DESY, Hambourg, Allemagne


X-ray free electron lasers provide uniquely intense and ultrashort flashes of coherent X-rays. The unmatched brightness of those machines will allow completely new insights into the structure and dynamics of condensed matter by making use of new coherent X-ray scattering techniques. Currently, there are two FEL machines available worldwide : FLASH at DESY and the LCLS at Stanford, with the European XFEL being constructed in Hamburg.

In this talk I will introduce the principle and properties of X-ray free electron lasers. First results from FLASH and possible applications for material science at the future European XFEL in Hamburg will be discussed.

Invitation : P. Ferrand (MOSAIC)