International workshop on NanoBioPhotonics

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Second Japanese –French workshop on NanoBioPhotonics

held together with the

First American – French meeting on NanoBioPhotonics

26-29 October 2009, Marseille, France

Organization commitee

Vieux-Port de Marseille, photo Thomas MANGEAT

- France : Dr. Sophie Brasselet, Dr. Hervé Rigneault, Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France
- USA : Dr. Mireille Guyader, attachée scientifique à l’ambassade de France aux USA
- Japan : Prof. Satoshi Kawata, Dr. Prabhat Verma, Dr. Yuika Saito, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

Location - Access

The workshop will take place close to the Marseille beaches at the hotel Villa Massalia, 17 Place Louis Bonnefon, 13008 Marseille.

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The hotel can be easily reached using the RTM public transportation network : from the main rail station "Gare Saint Charles" * : Take the subway line 2 (in direction of St Marguerite Dromel), get off at the Rond point du Prado station. Then take the bus line 44 in direction of "Floralia Rimet". The stop Place Bonnefon is close to the hotel (see map). A general map of the RTM network is available here.

* There are direct bus shuttles every 20 min between Marseille Airport and Marseille Gare Saint Charles rail station. More information here...

Aims and scopes

NanoBioPhotonics is a growing research field at a strategic crossroad where physics, chemistry, nanotechnology and life sciences meet together. These interacting areas provide a multi-disciplinary background as well as timely motivations for the development of advanced imaging of biological systems at ultimate time and space scales. Applied and fundamental, as well as technological and exploratory issues related to light-matter interactions in the biological as well as bio-organic-inorganic hybrid systems at the nano and molecular scales are the increased focus of recent research in the field of nanobiophotonics. Tremendous development of the nanophotonics technology in the very recent past has resulted in interesting outcomes as well as has opened the scopes for thorough discussions on the future direction of this research field.

This is therefore a perfect time for the involved scientists to discuss their current results as well as the future strategy for further developments.
This workshop is planned to provide a platform where highly involved and motivated scientists, from Japan, the USA and France, would meet together for four days to discuss their recent research in the field of nanobiophotonics, and would consider the future scopes, future strategies, as well as the expected impact of their workon the society.

Both the fundamental (molecular-fields interactions, detection and modelling, ..) as well as the applied (advanced bio-imaging techniques, nanophotonics, ..) aspects of nanobiophotonics will be covered in this workshop.

Invited speakers

- From Japan :

  • Satoshi Kawata, Osaka University, Suita
  • Prabhat Verma, Osaka University, Suita
  • Yoshinori Harada, Kyoto Prefectural Univ. of Medicine, Kyoto
  • Yoshihisa Yamaoka, Kyoto Prefectural Univ. of Medicine, Kyoto
  • Masakazu Morimoto, (Rikkyo Univeristy, Tokyo
  • Mamoru Hashimoto, Osaka University, Toyonaka
  • Katsumasa Fujita, Osaka University, Suita
  • Yuika Saito, Osaka University, Suita
  • Nicholas Smith, Osaka University, Suita
  • Kayo Hibino, RIKEN

- From the USA :

  • Eric Potma, Beckman Laser Institute, UCI
  • Tomas Huser, CBST, UC Davis
  • Frank Chuang, CBST, UC Davis
  • Andrea Armani, Viterbi School of Engineering at University of Southern California (USC)
  • Jérôme Mertz, Boston U
  • Stephen Boppart, Beckman Institute, U. Illinois Urbana Champain

- From France :

  • Laurent Cognet, Université de Bordeaux 1, CPMOH
  • Cédric Bouzigues, Ecole Polytechnique, LOB
  • Valentina Emiliani, Université Paris V
  • Emmanuel Beaurepaire, Ecole Polytechnique, LOB
  • Claude Boccara, ESPCI, Paris
  • Maxime Dahan, ENS Paris
  • Sandrine Leveque-Fort, Université Orsay
  • Emmanuel Margeat, Centre de biochimie structurale INSERM,
  • Vahid Sandoghdar, Université Zurich, Suisse
  • Didier Marguet, Université Marseille Luminy, CIML
  • Pierre-François Lenne, Université Marseille Luminy, IBDM
  • Pierre Bongrand, Université Marseille Luminy, « Adhesion and Inflammation »
  • Joseph Zyss, Institut D’Alembert, LPQM, ENS Cachan


  • 25th October 2009
    • Evening : Arrival
  • 26th October 2009
    • Morning : conferences
    • Afternoon : conferences
  • 27th October 2009
    • Morning : conferences
    • Afternoon : excursion / laboratory visits
  • 28th October 2009
    • Morning : conferences
    • Afternoon : conferences
  • 29th October 2009
    • Morning : conferences
    • Afternoon : conferences
  • 30th October 2009
    • Morning : Departure
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