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Location, travel

The school will be held at the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese (I.E.S.C), which is specialized in organizing international conferences and provides all facilities. The Institute is located near the village of Cargèse, a little village on the west coast of Corsica, about 50 km north of Ajaccio. The I.E.S.C. provides a relaxing and enjoyable environment that optimizes fruitful scientific interactions.
The institute is located close to the beach and at walking distance from Cargèse (20 min. via the main road, 15 min. via a ’goat path’).

How to get Cargèse and the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese (IESC) ?

In most cases, the easiest way to reach Cargèse is to fly to Ajaccio. The cheapest tickets are usually obtained by buying a round trip ticket from your departing city to Ajaccio.

Participants should organize their travel to arrive on Sunday 4th October morning or early afternoon and depart on Saturday 10th October. Cargese is located about 50 km north of Ajaccio on Corsica west coast. Ajaccio airport has fairly frequent connections with Paris, Marseille and Nice on Air France and is served by many other companies.

IESC Shuttle bus :

We will run shuttle buses between the Ajaccio airport and the IESC on Sunday 4th afternoon in accordance with flights arrival times. Same service will be organized on the departure day (Saturday 10th morning). Alternatively Cargèse can be reached by bus and by taxi.

Taxi :

Taxi service from the airport to Cargèse costs approximately €80 for normal transfer and 95 € for early, late and non working day transfer and takes less than one hour.

NB : If you are arriving late and plan to take a taxi, this is better to contact the IESC (tel : +33 (0)4 95 26 80 44) and ask them to send a taxi (substantial discount rate is accessible this way)

Flight :

Brief flight selection on Sunday 4th October :

Company Flight from City Takeoff Landing Ajaccio
Air France AF4730 Nice 15:05 15:55
Air France AF4692 Marseille 13:35 14:30
Air France AF4500 Paris (ORY) 11:00 12:35
Air France AF4734 Nice 17:20 18:10
Air France AF4694 Marseille 17:00 17:55
Air France AF4502 Paris (ORY) 16:25 18:00
easyJet 3857 Paris (CDG) 11:45 13:30

Brief flight selection on Saturday 10th October :

Company Flight to City Takeoff Landing
Air France AF4729 Nice 10:40 11:30
Air France AF4693 Marseille 11:25 12:20
Air France AF4503 Paris (ORY) 11:50 13:25
Air France AF7569 Paris (ORY) 13:55 15:30
Air France AF4733 Nice 14:35 15:25
Air France AF4695 Marseille 15:20 16:15
easyJet 3856 Paris (CDG) 15:15 17:00

A free bus shuttle will be provided from Ajaccio to Cargese on Sunday 4th October and from Cargese to Ajaccio on 10th October morning. On arrival, the buses will collect participants in Ajaccio at the airport on Sunday 4th October (by midday and in the afternoon for late arrivals). On departure, the buses will leave Cargese after breakfast. Participants arriving at other ports should arrange the travel to Cargese by themselves.

Boat :

It is also possible to come by boat, either from France (SNCM , Corsica Ferries) or from Italy (Corsica Ferries) and join Cargèse by bus.
Have a look at http://www.corsicabus.org/ (non official website). Information to travel by public transport within Corsica can be also found on this web site.
Please make your travel arrangements as soon as possible once your application has been accepted, as many flights and boats are full long in advance at this time of the year.

Accommodation at IESC

Seven double rooms and a studio are located in the core structure. Directors and organizers lodge at villa Menasina, at walking distance from the conference center. Most of the attendees (up to 100) lodge in hotels or apartments in the village of Cargèse. A short walk along the hills grants access to the village.