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We are pleased to announce that the next seminar of "Electromagnetic Modeling" theme is entitled "Stray Light in Space Optical Instruments : The Next Frontiers". It will be given by Lionel CLERMONT, from Space Center of Liège on Friday November 17th 2023 at 14h00 in Amphi Rouard (just in front of Institut Fresnel on Campus St Jérôme), Marseille.

Abstact : In the quest to develop ever-more advanced space telescopes, stray light (SL) increasingly emerges as a primary limiting factor. SL, which arises from ghost reflections and scattering, degrades image quality by reducing resolution and introducing artifacts. This is especially problematic for telescopes tasked with observing faint objects or small variations in their intensity. SL must be controlled by design and characterized experimentally prior to launch. However, we have reached the limits of the conventional methods. This talk will address this problem and the many challenges that it involves. In particular we will present the results of the SL control in the Metop-3MI instrument, for which we have stretched the capacities to their utmost extremes. Moreover, we will present the development of the a novel method, the Time-of-Flight (ToF) characterization.

Contact : Lionel CLERMONT, Space Center of Liège and the Deputy Director of the STAR Institute

Local organization : Maxence, Boris & Guillaume