Moritz Stammer, University of Göettingen

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Moritz Stammer, from University of Göettingen, will give a talk entitled "Single particle diffraction - Near and far, wherever you are" on Friday, April, 14 at 10:00 a.m. in "Espace photonique" meeting room.

Abstract : Biologically relevant single-particles show interesting behaviours on a micro as well as macro-scale. In our group, we worked on investigating synaptic vesicles and different methods to tackle open questions concerning their dynamics and structure.
Two imaging methods will be presented that are based on free-space propagation of light to investigate synaptic vesicles’ on micro- and macro-scale, using far-field and near-field imaging principles, respectively. These methods differ in that the Fresnel-Kirchhoff diffraction integral can be treated differently, which effectively determines the structural resolution limit and thus the characteristic length-scale of interest.
The near-field imaging of sample objects on a micrometer scale was approached in the frame work of a masters’ thesis. Here the challenges and results will be presented. Further, the instrumentation and analysis of serial XFEL diffractive data will be presented, where I worked as a research assistant on implementing a hit-finder and analysis pipe-line.

Invitation : Tilman GRUNEWALD -