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Paul Rouquette defense thesis entitled "Photo-induced temperature and thermal radiation in optical interference filters" will be on Tuesday, November 29th at 03:30 p.m. in the Rouard amphitheatre FST St Jérôme, Marseille.

This work was carried out within the CONCEPT team under the supervision of Myriam Zerrad and Claude Amra. It has been funded by CILAS.

The jury will be composed of:
 Detlev Ristau, Insitute of Quantum Optics, reviewer
 Karl Joulain, Insitut Pprime, reviewer
 Sophie Brasselet, Institut Fresnel, examiner
 Nathalie Destouches, Laboratoire Hubert Curien, examiner
 Jean-Jacques Greffet, Laboratoire Charles Fabry, examiner
 Matteo Barsuglia, Laboratoire Astroparticules & Cosmologie, examiner
 Hélène Krol, CILAS, guest
 Karine Mathieu, CNES, guest
 Myriam Zerrad, Institut Fresnel, co-supervisor
 Claude Amra, Institut Fresnel, supervisor


Keywords : optical interference coatings, thermal radiation, photo-induced temperature

 Article Photo-induced temperature in optical interference coatings
 Article Micro-cavity optimization for ultra-sensitive all-dielectric optical sensors