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La 29ème édition du Workshop International : Optical Wave & Waveguide Theory and Numerical Modelling (OWTNM 2023) se déroulera à Marseille, France, les 4 et 5 Mai 2023
The yearly OWTNM workshop has, since 1992, provided a forum for lively debates, intended to bring forward new ideas in the field of theoretical and computational photonics. Basic physics and novel applications, artificially structured materials and new devices, elegant mathematical techniques and efficient numerical methods to tackle the Maxwell equations form the constantly evolving subjects. These are discussed in a traditionally open and relaxed atmosphere (see https://www.owtnm.eu/ for more informations about the OWTNM workshop series).


Web page open for submission coming soon
Paper submission deadline Friday, February 3, 2023
Notification to authors Monday, March 13, 2023
Reduced fee registration, before Friday, April 07, 2023
Workshop May 04-05, 2023


The workshop will be held on Marseille St-Charles campus, downtown, near the St-Charles railway station.


  • Advances in analytical, numerical, and computational methods :
    generic & configuration-specific ; efficient approximate tools & large-scale simulations, parallel computing.
  • Device design and optimization :
    tools & algorithms for design and optimization, inverse problems, machine learning methods.
  • Photonic nanostructures and metamaterials :
    nano-resonators and -antennas, resonator arrays, homogenization, optical metamaterials, surface-enhanced Raman scattering, photon management by nanostructures in PV and OLED structures, metamaterial waveguides.
  • Quantum optics :
    schemes for entangled states preparation, efficient single photon and photon pair generation, detector schemes, optimized structures in integrated photonics.
  • Plasmonics :
    metallic waveguides and nanowires, tapers and field enhancement, array-effects in metallic nanostructures.
  • Optical micro-resonators :
    passive and active optical cavities, resonator circuits, excitation and spectral engineering, photonic atoms & molecules, and respective applications.
  • Photonic crystals :
    photonic bandgap structures, photonic crystal devices, photonic crystal fibres, and respective applications.
  • Guided wave sensors :
    fibre optic and guided wave / integrated-optic sensing devices, systems, theories and techniques, bio-sensors.
  • Passive and active waveguide devices :
    simulation and design of photonic integrated systems, linear and nonlinear effects in waveguides and waveguide arrays, light localization in space and time, grating structures, in- and out-coupling device schemes.
  • Optoelectronic devices :
    waveguide lasers, fibre amplifiers and lasers, micro-lasers, mid IR and THz sources.
  • Multiphysics effects :
    coupling of optical, electronic, acoustic, mechanical, and thermal simulations.
  • Packaging and Integration :
    fabrication process theory and simulation, packaging and integration issues.