Jérome MERTZ, Boston University

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Jérome Mertz from Boston University will give a seminar on microscopy entitled "Topics in speckle imaging" on Monday 5th September at 14h00 in room Pierre Cotton.

Jerome Mertz is a very creative investigator in optics and microscopy. He’s also a really good speaker and the author of this nice textbook "Introduction to Optical Microscopy"

Abstract : Laser speckle is used in a variety of imaging applications. For example, Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging (LSCI) can be used to monitor tissue dynamics, such as blood flow. I will briefly review LSCI and discuss some new advances involving volumetric imaging and 3D resolution. I will also discuss the possibility of using speckle to perform phase contrast imaging in arbitrarily thick tissue using a remarkable phenomenon called the memory effect. We demonstrated this possibility with ultrasound imaging. In principle this possibility could be extended to optical imaging.

- For information, a second seminar will be given to Europhotonics students on Thursday 8th, and will also be open to Fresnel’s researchers & Ph.D.