Sophie Brasselet, Léon Brillouin Prize 2022

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DR at CNRS, Sophie Brasselet obtain this prestigious prize during SFO Optique Nice 2022 congress

Our director, Sophie Brasselet, DR at CNRS, obtain the prestigious "Grand Prix Léon Brillouin 2022" of SFO - French Optics Society. This prize was awarded during Optique Nice 2022 congress.

This award recognizes the quality of Dr Sophie Brasselet research work, particularly in molecular nonlinear optics and polarized optical imaging for biology.

Sophie Brasselet presented her work during the award ceremony, but she also paid a nice tribute to all the people she has worked with, as well as to the French women opticians who make French optical imaging widely recognized in the world.

Sophie Brasselet had received the CNRS Silver Medal in 2016 and had become OPTICA Fellow in 2022 for her high level research. She works in the MOSAIC group of our Lab.

Note that in 2022, we celebrate the centenary of the publication of the pioneer paper on the "Brillouin effect" and that Sophie Brasselet is the first woman to obtain this prize !

The Grand Prix Léon Brillouin was established to honor the memory of the physicist Léon Brillouin (1889-1969) whose various works have deeply influenced the development of Optics. This prize is intended to reward an optician who has carried out a significant part of his/her research in France. It rewards research work according to 3 axes : scientific influence, innovation and pioneering research.