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Realizing free-space communications with quantum cascade photonic devices

Tuesday, September 21, Frédéric GRILLOT (Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris) will give a seminar entitled “Realizing free-space communications with quantum cascade photonic devices" at 11h00 a.m. in Room Pierre Cotton (Fresnel Lab).

Abstract :
The permanent use of quantum cascade photonic devices in the MIR/LWIR or the use of chaos private transmission in free-space optical communication will facilitate the high-speed long-haul data transmission as well as the implementation of a reliable level of privacy for such transmitted data. The main advantages of MIR and LWIR optical regions are a high resistance to external atmospheric perturbations, a physical-layer encryption compatible with high bit rates and eye-safe optical sources that come in compact and room-temperature packaging. All in all, this unlocks the capability of a wide and uncharted optical domain for an ever-growing telecom market. This presentation will review our recent achievements in the physics and applications of quantum cascade devices for future free-space communication links.

Frédéric Grillot (h31) received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Besançon (France) in 2003. His doctoral research activities were conducted within Alcatel-Lucent, working on the optical feedback dynamics in semiconductor lasers, and the impact this phenomenon had on communication systems. Dr. Grillot is currently a Full Professor at Telecom ParisTech and at the University of New-Mexico. His current research interests include quantum-confined devices using new materials such as quantum dots and dashes, light emitters based on intersubband transitions, nonlinear dynamics and optical chaos in semiconductor laser systems, as well as microwave and silicon photonics applications including photonic clocks and photonic analog to digital converters. Dr. Grillot is the author or coauthor of 115 journal papers, one book, three book chapters, and more than 300 contributions at international conferences and workshops. He is a Deputy Editor of Optics Express (OSA), a Fellow Member of the SPIE and a Senior Member of the IEEE Photonics Society and Optical Society of America.