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Mr Sampsa Pursiainen, Professeur invité, donnera un cours intitulé "Multigrid-Based Radar Inversion in Time Domain », composé de 4 séminaires courts entre le 21 mai et le 3 juin 2021.

Ces séminaires auront lieu en salle Pierre Cotton de l’Institut Fresnel et seront accessibles via VISIOCONFERENCE (liens à venir)

Abstract : "I will give a one-month post-graduate level minicourse concentrating on the full wavefield radar inversion in time domain. My aim is to describe the different mathematical stages of a multigrid-based forward and inverse modelling procedure, enabling the rapid evaluation of the Born approximation, and show numerical examples and preliminary results obtained with a numerical implementation. As a potential application of this methodology, I consider the tomography of asteroid interiors, which can contain internal details observable by radar, e.g., layers, voids and cracks. The tomography of asteroids poses a mathematical and computational challenge, since the shape and structure of the target body are complex and its diameter is large as compared to the signal wavelength, that is why the field scattered by such a body is highly irregular and full-wave methodology is necessary to distinguish any internal details."

 "Minicourse on Multigrid-Based Radar Inversion in Time Domain" :

1. Multigrid-Based Radar Inversion in Time Domain : Higher-Order Born Approximation - Vendredi 21 mai 2021 à 11h00

2. Multigrid-Based Radar Inversion in Time Domain : Numerical Discretization - Mercredi 26 mai 2021 à 11h00

3. Multigrid-Based Radar Inversion in Time Domain : Full-wave Inverse Solver - Lundi 31 mai 2021 à 11h00

4. Multigrid-Based Radar Inversion in Time Domain : Carrier Effects on Inversion - Jeudi 3 juin 2021 à 11h00

Invitation : Chritelle EYRAUD, équipe HIPE

Contact Sampa PURSIAINEN :