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Camille Carvalho, Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of California Merced, will give a on-line seminar "Accurate evaluation of near-fields in plasmonic structures" on Thursday, December 17 at 16h00.

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Abstract :
Plasmonic structures are commonly made of dielectrics and metals. At optical frequencies metals exhibit unusual electromagnetic properties allowing the propagation of surface plasmons (electromagnetic surface waves strongly oscillating at the metal-dielectric interface). If the interface presents corners, those surface plasmons can be hyper-oscillating, and standard numerical methods do not always take into account the multiple scales inherent to plasmonic problems, leading to inaccurate predictions. In this talk we present some techniques (using Finite Element method, or Boundary Integral Equation methods) to accurately compute and efficiently take into account the multiple scales of 2D light scattering problems in plasmonic structures.

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