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Caio Vaz Rimoli, supervised by Manos Mavrakis and myself, will defend his PhD entitled "Nanoscale organization of actin filaments probed by
polarized super-resolution microscopy".

Caio will defend by visio from Sao Paulo Brazil, the zoom link to follow the defense is :

The thesis committee will be composed by :

Prof. Cristina KURACHI - reviewer, IFSC-USP, Brazil

Prof. María GARCÍA-PARAJO - reviewer, ICFO, Spain

Dr. Bassam HAJJ - examiner, Institut Curie-CNRS, France

Prof. Paulo B. MIRANDA - examiner, IFSC-USP, Brazil

Dr. Sophie BRASSELET Institut Fresnel-AMU, France phD supervisor

Dr. Manos MAVRAKIS Institut Fresnel-AMU, France phD co- supervisor

Summary :

Actin filaments are key structural building blocks of the cells that affects cell’s behavior and function. Although they are an extensively studied system, open questions still arise on how their organization at the nanometric scale influences cell shape and function. To that end, polarized fluorescence microscopy (PFM) techniques can be very useful since they can provide quantitative information of the molecular organization with high specificity in cells. In this thesis, we built up an optical microscope system capable of performing two different PFMs methods to tackle the organization of actin filaments at the nanoscale. Thanks to that, we were able to perform a very precise quantification of the actin filament order with a resolution up to approximately 20nm. In addition, we concluded that their organization at the nanoscale is very robust, being almost constant in many different conditions. Importantly, we also showed that the technique can be used to investigate complex regions that are poorly studied by conventional optical microscopes.