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Nouvelle traduction : Ultrafast nonlinear optical response and dynamics of 2D thin films
27-09-2023 - PhD Positions

Description : Two-dimensional thin films are well-known for their high optical nonlinearities. For this reason, they
are currently the best candidates for mode-locking of laser systems.1 Recently, during two PhD thesis, we optimized Sb2Te3 and Bi2Se3 layers to obtain significant nonlinear absorption. More specifically, the saturable absorption behavior obtained was the highest ever reported in the field of nonlinear optics by similar experimental techniques.2-5.
These high optical nonlinearities are emanating from the topological insulator character of the layers which can be observed in 2D structures. However, the relation between the structural characteristics of topological insulators and their optical nonlinearities is still not sufficiently explored. The target of the thesis is to shed light on the origins of the nonlinear optical properties of 2D topological insulators (like Sb2Te3, Bi2Te3 and Bi2Se3). This will allow a better understanding of the physical mechanisms that give rise to the nonlinear refraction and absorption of the thin films. The objectives of the thesis are the following:

  • Objective 1: Thin film deposition and preparation.
  • Objective 2: Nonlinear optical studies.
  • Objective 3: Ultrafast dynamics of the 2D layers.

Laboratory: Institut Fresnel, 52 Av Escadrille Normandie Niemen, 13013 Marseille

Thesis supervisor : Iliopoulos Konstantinos, Equipe ILM

funding: Aix Marseille Université.

Project duration : 36 mois

Contact : Iliopoulos Konstantinos

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New PhD positions for oct. 2023
07-03-2023 - PhD Positions

Apply now & before March 28th 2022, for a PhD start in October 2023 !

The topics involve signal theory, image analysis and reconstruction, modelling in electromagnetism, experimental optics in advanced imaging with applications in biology and astronomy, characterization and detection methods, as well as optical components and nanophotonics.

To apply : please contact the PI in charge of the topics


 Métamatériaux et Métasurfaces variant dans le temps.


 Suivi de l’activité de neurones en culture par microscopie de front d’onde.


 Photoacoustic imaging of neuronal activity in mice.


 Variable field‐of‐view x‐ray crystalline microscopy for in vivo study of biomineralization.


 2 photon correlations: from fundamentals to applications.


 Diagnostic optique de propriétés biomécaniques de la cornée humaine : application
à la détection précoce du kératocône et à la mise en évidence de kératoplastie ancienne.


 Etude théorique et numérique des cristaux photoniques modulés en temps


 Ultrafast nonlinear optical response and dynamics of 2D thin films.


 Optimisation des liaisons satellitaires laser avec l’intelligence artificielle.


 Illumination structurée et ciblée pour la microscopie super-résolue.


 Multilayer structures with striking visual effects for art and security applications.


 Optical Fourier Ptychography for super-resolved imaging &


 Photonic of nonlinear media : Application to the redefinition of the nonlinear susceptiblities of highly dispersive and anisotropic nanostructures.


 High resolution three-dimensional optical profilometry.


 Optically-controlled thermal nanotweezers to manipulate single nano-objects.


 Mesure interférométrique directe du bruit thermique des composants multidiélectriques des détecteurs d’ondes gravitationnelles.

Apply now & before March 28, for a PhD start in October 2023 !

Auditions will be held in May 2023 at the Lab and then at the Doctoral School if your application is selected. The application file must include the following documents
 Letter of intent
 2 letters of recommendation
 copies of diplomas (with translation if necessary)
 transcripts of grades (with translation if necessary)

Microwave scattering measurements of analogs of dusts from planet-forming disks to improve knowledge of the planet formation process
07-03-2023 - PhD Positions

Background : This thesis will be carried out as part of the interdisciplinary Dust2Planets project, which aims to study the early stages of planets formation, in particular the growth of dust in protoplanetary discs. Through an innovative approach, which consists in characterizing the optical properties of analogs of such dust particles with microwaves, we will study the signatures of dust growth in proto-planetary discs. Indeed, as the exact growth processes are poorly known, any new direct information, particularly on centimetric dust, will be fundamental.

Objectives : One of the major aims of the PhD work is to enrich our database (EMSCOP) of scattering properties, initiated in a previous PhD work, with measurements of new dust analogs made by 3D printing. These analogs will have realistic and controlled shapes and sizes. Their interactions with electromagnetic waves will be measured in our totally renewed anechoic chamber. These scattering measurements will serve as input to radiative transfer codes to simulate disk images. The results will also be used to quantify the shape and size of the dust particles in the discs and the benefits of the project are numerous and extend beyond astrophysics

Financing : ERC Adv. Grant Dust2Planets

Thesis Director : Amélie Litman

Co-supervisors : Jean-Michel Geffrin (Institut Fresnel) , François Ménard (IPAG)

Main place of activity : Institut Fresnel, Marseille

Contact : J-M Geffrin :

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Thesis Offer - Optimal imaging & biomechanics
15-12-2022 - PhD Positions

Description : Optical diagnosis of biomechanical properties of the human cornea: application to the early detection of keratoconus and to the identification of old keratoplasty.

Lab : Institut Fresnel, Marseille

Supervisors : Julien Fade, MCF HDR, ECM, DiMABio group, Institut Fresnel & Olivier Boiron, PR ECM, IRPHE & Laure Siozade-Lamoine, MCF AMU, Institut Fresnel

Partners : Thierry David / Loïc Dambricourt, AP-HM, Service d’Ophtalmologie, CHU La Timone Marseille

Place : Institut Fresnel, Domaine Universitaire de Saint Jérôme, 13013 Marseille et Plateau Technique Imagerie Optique, CERIMED, La Timone, Marseille

Duration : 36 months from September-October 2023

Contact : - Phone : +33 (0)4 13 95 54 94

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In vivo studies of biomineralization by nonlinear coherent Raman optical microscopy
23-05-2022 - PhD Positions

Description : The thesis will take place at the Fresnel Institute, on the Saint Jérôme campus. The student
will join
the Mosaic team, in collaboration with the Comix team, the IFREMER group in Montpellier and the
Monaco Scientific Center. During the thesis, the student will have to develop the experimental
coherent Raman microscopy experimental device adapted to the constraints of in vivo observation.
Live animals will be received in the laboratory and raised in the aquarium at the Institute. The
objective of the thesis is to develop the protocol allowing the in vivo imaging of the calcifying tissue
of the living animals, to conduct the first in vivo biomineralization experiments and to compare the
observations with the literature in order to propose an interpretation of the results.

Laboratory : Institut Fresnel, CNRS, Marseille

Thesis supervisor : Duboisset Julien (HDR)

Co-supervisor : Chamard Virginie (HDR)

Email :

Adress : Institut Fresnel, Domaine Universitaire de Saint Jérôme, 13397 Marseille, France

Tel : +33 413945482

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Development and validation of 3D signal reconstruction algorithms for fluorescence tomography in the second biological window (SWIR)
28-04-2022 - PhD Positions

Subjet : Thesis in the field of modeling and image processing for biomedical optical imaging. The mission is part of a collaborative project between the Institut Fresnel in Marseille, the Optimal platform of the Institute for the Advancement of Biosciences (IAB) in Grenoble, and the company Kaer Labs in Nantes, for the development of a fluorescence tomography system in the second biological window. The mission of the PhD student will be to develop 3D reconstruction algorithms for the localization of fluorescence sources.
The PhD project concerns the development of a reconstruction algorithm exploiting fluorescence images from a small animal fluorescence imaging system.

More details & Profile required : See attached document

Fundings : Thèse CIFRE avec KAER LABS

Duration : 36 mois

Contact :
 Anabela Da Silva - DR CNRS, research team DiMABio, Institut Fresnel / CERIMED - Tel : +33 4 13 94 54 79
 Company Manager : Pierre-Alix Dancer(CEO)

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Développement de filtres optiques interférentiels à faible absorption pour les lasers de puissance
11-04-2022 - PhD Positions

Subject: Lasers of high continuous power have a very wide range of industrial, military and scientific applications,
military and scientific applications. Among the various optical components of a laser system, filters based on optical thin films are
Among the various optical components of a laser system, filters based on optical thin films are key elements to functionalize the surfaces (anti-reflection,
mirrors, dichroics). Despite absorption levels that can go down to the order of
part per million (ppm) in the layers, the heating induced under high laser power is a limitation for the
constitute a limitation for the laser performances, ranging from wavefront deformation to eventual damage of the
damage to the optics. In a context of increasing power of laser sources
sources, the objective of the thesis is the development of components allowing to limit the thermal effects, by
thermal effects, by optimizing manufacturing technologies (choice of materials and deposition parameters), by optimizing
(choice of materials and deposition parameters), by optimizing designs (minimization of electric fields), and by controlling the
local absorption of components (by creating a controlled absorption profile for example in order to
uniform spatial distribution of absorbed energy).

Funding: CIFRE

Duration: 36 months - start as soon as possible

Contact : Laurent Gallais, Catherine Grèzes-Besset, Julien Lumeau
Tel. : +33 6 20 98 69 46 / +33 4 42 36 97 08 / +33 6 72 28 90 71
e-mail : / /

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Advanced numerical modeling of nonlinear photonic components
07-03-2022 - PhD Positions

Title : Advanced numerical modeling of nonlinear photonic components

Place : Insitut Fresnel

Supervisors : Hervé Tortel (Professor), Anne-Laure Fehrembach (Assistant professor), Evgueni
Popov (Professor)

Funding : DGA/AMU (starting date september/october 2022)

Candidate profile : students interrested in the numerical modeling of physical phenomena

Application : CV and master gardes 15 april 2022

contacts : Hervé Tortel, Anne-Laure Fehrembach

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Improving the lifetime of optics for high power lasers in space
07-03-2022 - PhD Positions

Title : Improving the lifetime of optics for high power lasers in space

Location : Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France.

Requirements : MASTER in material science / physical chemistry / physics; knowledge of
surface analyzing techniques is recommended, knowledge in optical instrumentation (lasers)

Postulation deadline: March 31st 2022
Feedback date: mid-June (or before)
Starting date: October 1st 2022

Thesis Advisors : Franck WARGNER and Jean-Yves NATOLI

Responsible person at the French space agency (CNES):
Delphine FAYE

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Non-diffractive Bessel beams for near-field wireless RF link: modelization, synthesis, dynamic control and self-healing
26-08-2021 - PhD Positions

Qualifications: the candidate must have a master degree in Physics or Photonics, with a strong background in electromagnetism and optics. Programing skills in matlab are expected, and prepare to deal with programs in Fortran. Radio-frequency engineering and antenna knowledge are welcome.

Laboratory : Institut Fresnel, UMR-CNRS 7249, CONCEPT team

Context : ANR LinkALL project (IETR/Institut Fresnel /Thales Resesarch and Technology)

Period: 3 years doctoral contract starting the last trimester of 2021-

PhD supervisors : G. Soriano, C. Amra, M. Zerrad

PhD supervisors: G. Soriano, C. Amra, M. Zerrad

Application : Send Resume and transcript of records to

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Advanced numerical modeling of nonlinear photonic components
15-03-2021 - PhD Positions

Thesis Director : Hervé Tortel, Anne Laure Fehrembach

Place : Institut Fresnel

Fundings : DGA / AMU

European citizen only

Analysis of light scattered by localized defects and contamination
04-03-2021 - PhD Positions

Thesis Director : Myriam Zerrad,

Place : Équipe Concept - Institut Fresnel

Fundings : CNES

Send CV and Letter to before March 10, 2021

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RF cloaking for desensitisation of close and/or co-located antennas Application in the smallsats context
15-04-2020 - PhD Positions

Subject description :
The development of projects using small platforms (smallsat or nanosat), whether for constellations (Oneweb, Kinéis, ...) or short duration missions (Entrysat, MarCO, ...), leads space actors to a race for miniaturization, and to the reduction of costs, platform equipment and payload instruments. From a radiofrequency point of view, this is not without consequences on the performance of the various telecommunication links. Indeed, this advanced miniaturisation has two complementary adverse effects :
 A decrease in available on-board power. This reduces margins and therefore requires antennas to be particularly efficient once they are on board the satellite.
 A significant reduction in the available surface area on the sides, which means that the radiating elements take up less space and are closer to each other.
This proximity can lead to a total or partial destruction of antenna performance (mismatch, pattern distortion, degradation of polarization purity, losses ...) that must be studied and compensated for. In this respect, there are in the literature some examples of strategies to solve these problems. It has been shown in [1] that the pattern of a monopole antenna disturbed by the presence of another monopoly placed nearby could be reconstructed by adding a "cloak of invisibility" around the disturbing antenna in order to make it invisible. This promising cloaking technique [1-3] can be used in a spatial context where, on small platforms, antenna co-location is strong.

Thesis advisor : Stefan ENOCH, Institut Fresnel (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, Centrale Marseille)
Co-advisor : Nicolas MALLEJAC, CEA DAM Centre du Ripault
CNES supervisor : LAQUERBE Vincent, Service Antennes (DSO/RF/AN)

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Ultra-sensitive stimulated Raman Microscopy
02-04-2019 - PhD Positions

Summary :
The aim of this project is to develop an ultra-sensitive background free microscopy scheme for vibrational imaging by means of stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) with application in chemistry, pharmacology and biomedical imaging.


Team :

More details can be found at:

Start date : April 2019

End date: December 2019

Polarized Enhanced Coherent Raman Scattering
02-04-2019 - PhD Positions

Summary :
The aim of this project is to exploit light polarization in nonlinear microscopy to optimize the matching efficiency between optical fields and molecular responses. It will bring novel solutions to background-free nonlinear imaging with enhanced sensitivity.

Supervisor :

Team :

2 available PhD positions (starting 2019) in the mosaic team in the frame of the MUSIQ H2020 EU ITN project :

Start date : April 2019
End date: December 2019

Optical imaging deep in scattering media
21-03-2019 - PhD Positions

Resume :
Adaptive optics, optimizes a wavefront using nonlinear generated signal as a feedback. In this project, we want to develop an adaptive optics approach to non-linear microsscopy.

Team :


Start date of the offer : 1st April 2019
End date of the offer : 30th september 2019

Optical transport properties of a mouse spinal cords
21-03-2019 - PhD Positions

Resume :
The goal of this project is to reproduce the techniqe in the lab of MOSAIC group, creating a new setup for in situ routine study of mouse spinal cord scattering properties.

Team :


Start date of the offer : 1st April 2019
End date of the offer : 30th september 2019

Biological tissue modeling for non-linear microscopy applications
21-03-2019 - PhD Positions

Resume :
We model light propagation in biological tissue using finite-difference time domain method to understand the intrisic properties of the model system (i.e. mouse spinal cord) and to be able to simulate it without need for an actual experiment.

Team :


Start date of the offer : 1st April 2019
End date of the offer : 30th september 2019

Inner structure imaging of small solar bodies
18-01-2019 - PhD Positions

Abstract :
This Phd thesis aims to develop new approaches for imaging large structures, with an application to small bodies of the solar system.

Team :

Supervisor :
Christelle EYRAUD

Development of broadband and monochromatic optical monitoring strategies for magnetron sputtering depositions
02-10-2018 - PhD Positions

Abstract :

In this thesis, we propose to explore the combination of both monochromatic and broadband optical monitoring techniques. These developments will be done in collaboration between the Thin Film Research Team at institut Fresnel in Marseille and Bühler company.

Supervisors : Dr Thomas Begou and Julien Lumeau at Institut Fresnel
Dr Harro Hagedorn and Detlev Arhilger at Bühler Alzenau

Apply at : Julien LUMEAU

Team : RCMO

Understanding the nanoscale correlation between morpho-chemical, mechanical and optical properties of plant cell walls toward biofuel applications
04-09-2018 - PhD Positions

Abstract :

The aim here is to investigate the morphological, chemical, mechanical and optical properties of wood sheets constraint to abiotic stresses directly acting on the tree/branch growth.

Superviseurs : Anne CHARRIER and Aude LEREU


Engineering light scattering in optical interference coatings
04-09-2018 - PhD Positions

supervisors : Myriam ZERRAD
Claude AMRA