Ph.D. level course proposal : Introduction to Quantum Optics and Quantum Information.

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Ph.D. level course proposal - École Doctorale 352 « Physique et Sciences de la Matière »
Volume : 12 hours
Short description
The goal of these lessons is to teach the basic tools necessary for understanding the progresses and realizations in quantum information and quantum optics that occurred during the so-called second quantum revolution (1980 to today), and to show how they apply in some practical applications.
Ultimately our goal is to provide a ``first taste’’ of these fascinating concepts, but also to bring the audience to a degree of familiarity with these concepts that could allow them to learn by themselves in the future, after getting acquainted with the basic tools.

Detailed contents
- Quantum Information:
- summary of quantum axioms and formalism
- qubits, entanglement, Bell inequalities
- density matrix, no signaling theorem
- applications in quantum information: Q teleportation, Q cryptography and Q computer
- Quantum Optics:
- Rayleigh Jeans Planck, mode quantization, quantum harmonic oscillator
- photon wave function
- Hong Ou Mandel dip
- quantum eraser
- quantum tomography

Institut Fresnel
3rd floor seminar room

Time schedule
Wednesday 05-02-2020 14-16
Friday 07-02-2020 10-12
Wednesday 12-02-2020 14-16
Friday 14-02-2020 10-12
Wednesday 19-02-2020 14-16
Friday 21-02-2020 10-12

Full name: Thomas Durt
Laboratory: Fresnel
Email: thomas.durt@centrale-marseille.fr