Antoine Bourgade, PhD

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Antoine BOURGADE will defend his PhD Thesis entitled "Spatially structured multilayer components for the visible and the infrared range" on Friday, October 11, at 10:30 a.m. Room Pierre Cotton of Institut Fresnel.

Abstract Thesis BOURGADE

The jury will be composed of :
- Pierre AMBS, MIPS, Rapporteur
- Christophe MOSER, EPFL, Rapporteur
- Annie PRADEL, ICGM, Examinatrice
- Alexandre JOERG, SAFRAN-REOSC, Examinateur
- Karine MATHIEU, CNES, Invitée
- Philippe ADAM, DGA, Invité
- Thomas BEGOU, Institut Fresnel, Co-directeur
- Julien LUMEAU, Institut Fresnel, Directeur