Team : HIPE

Hyperfrequency, Instrumentation, Processing, Experimentation

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Team leader : Herve TORTEL


The HIPE team is concerned with the conception, the development, the construction and exploitation of instrumentation tools in the microwave range. The purposes of these instruments are of various nature :

  • improve the understanding of wave propagation and interaction,
  • characterize the electromagnetic behavior of passive or active components,
  • explore the potentiality of hyperfrequency instruments in/with complex environments (inverse scattering, microwave imaging, ...).

To develop such microwave setups, a strong coupling between experimental and theoretical research is necessary. Several research directions are therefore explored :

  • design and conception of dedicated measurement tools,
  • measurement of electromagnetic fields,
  • modeling of the propagation and scattering phenomena,
  • calibration of the measured fields,
  • development of imaging software tools (inverse problems),
  • electromagnetic characterization of samples.

The complementary of these activities enable us to envisage the problem in its whole and answer to specific needs : scattering in complex media (soot particles, sphere aggregates, ...), smart antennas radiation pattern measurements, fields measurement techniques improvements (based for example on the spectral properties of the fields), optimal design, robust inversion algorithms, ...

Finally, our expertise in the vectorial measurement of the electromagnetic fields, both in free space or in waveguides, is a key-point in our collaborations with other laboratories and industrial partners.