Patrice Genevet, CRHEA

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Patrice Genevet from CRHEA, will give a talk about the applications of semiconductor-based Metasurfaces on Friday March 1st at 11:00 a.m. in Pierre Cotton’s room, Institut Fresnel.

Abstract :
A new class of planar, wavelength-thick optical components exhibiting exceptional optical properties have emerged in recent years. These artificial interfaces, known as metasurfaces, rely on the scattering properties of the subwavelength structures patterned at a interfaces to mold the wavefront of light in almost any desired manner. To further develop this technology towards dynamic tuning, broadband application and industrial production, new materials and new fabrication methods are required. We will present an etching-free process that combines nanoimprint and selective area sublimation of semiconductor material to realize centimeter-scale gallium nitride metalenses of high optical quality, showing enhanced extraction photoluminescence efficiency with respect to reactive ion etched devices. We will also discuss the performance of recently developed hybrid refractive‐metasurface devices including Vertical metasurface emitting lasers, nondispersive refraction in the visible and conclude with the realization of OAM based Holography.

Contact : Jérôme Wenger and Julien Lumeau for the "Nanophotonics and Optical Components" theme