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Principal investigator: Miguel A. Alonso

Keywords: imaging; optical performance, mid-spatial frequency error, Strehl ratio, OTF, PDPD, ray-based methods, Wigner function.

The performance of imaging systems is hindered by manufacturing errors in the optical elements involved. These errors can be the standard aberrations, but also finer-scale imperfections known as mid-spatial frequency errors, resulting from the manufacturing/finishing process, particularly if sub-aperture tools are involved. A third possible cause of error is residual birefringence. We have proposed theoretical models for understanding the effects of these errors on standard optical performance metrics such as the Strehl ratio and the OTF. For this purpose, we have proposed a new quantity, the “pupil-difference probability density” (PDPD), which provides an intuitive connection between the surface/wavefront errors and the OTF.

Recent work in this area has also consisted of tutorial reviews of standard and novel mathematical models used to study optical systems, such as ray-based methods, linear canonical transformations (ABCD formalism), and Wigner functions.

Finally, this research includes theoretical studies of specific, unusual elements with interesting optical properties.


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