Xavier Audier, PhD

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Xavier AUDIER will defend his PhD Thesis :" Ultra-fast stimulated Raman scattering and hyperspectral imaging"" on Thursday, December 13th at 10:00 a.m. in Rouard Amphitheater, Campus St Jerome, Marseille.

This thesis was supervised by Hervé Rigneault, MOSAIC group leader.

The jury is composed of :
- Randy A. BARTELS, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Rapporteur
- Thomas R. HUSER, Ph.D., University of Bielefeld, Rapporteur
- Nicolas FORGET, Ph.D, Fastlite, Examinateur
- Sophie BRASSELET, Ph.D., Aix Marseille Univ, Examinatrice
- Hervé RIGNEAULT, Ph.D., Aix Marseille Univ, Directeur de thèse

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