Georges Gebrayel el Reaidy

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Georges GEBRAYEL EL REAIDY will defend his PhD thesis : « Experimental evaluation and modeling of laser-induced contamination on space optics » on December 6, at 10:00 a.m. in Rouard amphitheater, Campus St Jérôme à Marseille.
This Thesis was supervised by Frank Wagner and Jean-Yves Natoli from ILM team, Fresnel Institute.

The members of the committee will be the following: :
 Mr LAMAIGNERE Laurent, CEA-CESTA, Bordeaux, Reviewer
 Mrs CAUSSAT Brigitte, INP-ENSIACET, Toulouse, Reviewer
 Mrs CIAPPONI Alessandra ESA, Amsterdam, Examiner
 Mr UTEZA Olivier, LP3, Marseille, Examiner
 Mrs FAYE Delphine, CNES, Toulouse, Guest
 MrWAGNER Frank, Institut Fresnel, Marseille, Director of the thesis
 Mr NATOLI Jean-Yves, Institut Fresnel, Marseille, Director of the thesis

Abstract Thesis Gebrayel El Reaidy

Keywords : laser-matter interaction, laser-induced contamination (LIC), laser-induced damage (LID), nanosecond regime, fused silica, fluorescence, space environment, nucleation, contaminant.