Quentin Ailloud, PhD

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Quentin AILLOUD PhD thesis defense will be held on Tuesday, October 31st at 10.30 a.m. in « Salle de Thèses » (ground floor of « Bâtiment des Langues »), on Campus St Jerome, Marseille.
His thesis is entitled “Interferential components for a controlled spectral depolarization” and was under the supervision of Myriam ZERRAD and Claude AMRA.

The PhD committee is :

 Xavier ORLIK, ONERA, rapporteur
 Dominique PAGNOUX, XLIM, rapporteur
 Philippe BOUCAUD, CRHEA, Examinateur
 Éric LACOT, LIPHY, Examinateur
 Jacques LOESEL, CNES, Membre invité
 Myriam ZERRAD, Institut Fresnel, Directrice de thèse
 Claude AMRA, Institut Fresnel, Directeur de thèse

Quentin Ailloud PhD Thesis