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Pr Matteo BARSUGLIA is a CNRS senior scientist and head of the Virgo group at the Astroparticules and Cosmology in Paris. He will give a seminar on Monday, December 11 entitled "From the first gravitational-wave detections to the multi-messenger astronomy". The conference will take place in Pierre Cotton Room (Institut Fresnel).

M. BARSUGLIA will take this opportunity to present the different events detected by LIGO and Virgo interferometers since the first gravitational-wave detections in 2015 and to develop the induced scientific challenges.

These works have a significant impact in the community and have been awarded several times, in particular, in 2017 by the Nobel Prize in Physics and the Gold Medal of the CNRS.


You will find here the abstract of the talk

Invitation : Myriam ZERRAD, équipe CONCEPT.

This seminar takes place in the context of the thematics "Nanophotonics, optical components and interferential coatings" & " Information processing and random waves" of the Institut Fresnel.