Alexandre Beaudier, Ph.D.

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Alexandre Beaudier will defend his Ph.D. Thesis entitled "Study of laser-matter interaction in optical components under multiple irradiation, nanosecond regime and in the UV" on Thursday, November 9 at 10:00 a.m. in Room Pierre Cotton of Institut Fresnel.

The Thesis was supervised by Frank WAGNER and Jean-Yves NATOLI (ILM team).

Defense Committee :
 Nadège OLLIER - École Polytechnique Palaiseau
 Jérôme NEAUPORT - CEA-CESTA Bordeaux
 Marie FORET - Université de Montpellier
 Philippe DELAPORTE - LP3 Luminy, Marseille
 Frank WAGNER - Institut Fresnel, Marseille
 Jean-Yves NATOLI - Institut Fresnel, Marseille

Thesis Abstract Beaudier

Keywords : laser-matter interaction, nanosecond regime, multiple pulses, fatigue effects, laser damage, non-linear self-focusing, fluorescence spectroscopy, fused silica, non-linear crystals