Luisa Neves , PhD

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Luisa Neves PhD thesis defense will be held on Wednesday, October 11th at 10.30 am in Salle de Thèses, Bâtiment des Langues, Campus St Jérôme.

Her thesis entitled "Biomedical applications of electromagnetic material characterisation in the microwave domain" was under the supervision of Pierre SABOUROUX.

The PhD commitee is composed of :
- Lætitia THIRION-LEFEVRE, Rapporteur
- Alexis AMADON, Rapporteur
- Valérie CIARLETTI, Examinateur
- Anny-Chantal LEVASSEUR-REGOURD, Examinateur
- David BENDAHAN, Examinateur
- Nicolas MALLEJAC, Examinateur
- Francis BIQUARD, Invité