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After my undergraduate degree at Wabash College Indiana , I began my scientific career in many-body physics and did my thesis work with T.T.S. Kuo at the State University of New York at Stony Brook on neutrino double decay and its role in testing the standard model of particle physics.

Since 1994, my research interests have turned toward topics involving electromagnetic fields interacting with ordered and disordered inhomogeneous media.

My work involving the propagation of electromagnetic waves in complex media has largely been concerned with the transition or T matrices of multiple scattering systems, and their role in calculating experimental cross sections, optical forces, statistical averages, and the applications to transport theories. I have been involved in the development of a differential theory for the calculation of T-matrices of individual non-spherical scatterers.

These studies were carried out in the context of government and industrial contracts for the French atomic energy commission (CEA/CESTA), and in the ``Institut des NanoSciences de Paris’’) at the University of Paris VI.

I am currently co-director of the C.L.A.R.T.E research group in the Fresnel Institute of Aix-Marseille Université , in Marseille France.