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Professor of Physics - Aix-Marseille Université

Brian Stout
Aix-Marseille Université - Institut Fresnel UMR 7249,
Faculté des Sciences de Saint Jérôme
Avenue Escadrille Normandie Niémen
13013 Marseille, France

Tel : (33) 4 91 28 87 20 Fax : (33) 4 91 28 80 67

email :

Welcome to my web page ! A new page, Research highlights , is under development during 2016.

You can also check out my Google scholar page for my citation list (H index : 26) , or my Research Gate page.

I am currently co-director of the C.L.A.R.T.E research group of the Institut Fresnel, and I teach Physics, Mathematics and Computer science courses for Aix Marseille Université.

I am also a memeber of the scientific board of Kyolaris Research, which amongst other activities, develops and sells scientific software for modeling the radiative properties and visual appearance of materials.

My current interests are :

 Optical Antennas for modifying the properties of Quantum emitters :
(pratical applications and testing fundamental quantum optics)

 Light diffusion and absorption in multiple scattering systems

 Theoretical modeling of optical forces

 Improvements in the modeling of light transport in dense heterogeneous systems

 Effective media theory

My Curriculum Vitae - in french is also available here

Research in brief :

My current research interests center on theoretical descriptions of photonic devices that can analyze and manipulate matter at nano-scale and micro-scales.

In particular, I have worked on : optical antennas , photonic jets and optical forces using theories based on the multiple-scattering of electromagnetic waves. I am also working on light scattering and absorption by periodic structures of particles like meta-materials and diffraction gratings.

Books :

I wrote a chapter in the Fresnel Institut e-book

Gratings : Theory and Numeric Applications, Second Revisited Edition 2014

You can here obtain an updated a copy of this chapter Spherical harmonic Lattice Sums for Gratings (last update Nov 12th 2014).

HDR - (Habilitation à Diriger les recherches) Authorisation to "direct research" diploma obtianed at Aix-Marseille University in september 2006.
Entitled : "Interaction de la lumière avec les milieux hétérogènes tridimensionnels"
English title : "Interaction of light with three dimensional heterogenous media"
You can obtain a copy by clicking here.

Former thesis Students :

Dr. Brice Rolly
Dr. Mandiaye Fall
Dr. Alexis Devilez
Dr. Olivier Moine
Dr. Jean-Claude Auger

The 10th LIP , was held at the Saint Charles Campus of Aix Marseille University

Warm thanks to all the participents for making this LIP edition a success.