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Characterization of the near subsurface

We exploit the wave/matter interaction in order to image the near subsurface in a non-destructive way, and to derive the electromagnetic parameters of various types of soils. The experiments are performed using the planar scanner of IF and the electromagnetic phenomena are modelized with a home-made finite elements software.

In particular, the post-processing treatments of the measurements [1] are developed in combination with a calibration procedure which takes into account the antenna radiation pattern [2].

The accurate modeling of the antenna radiation pattern field in the quantitative inversion procedure has ensured a substantial improvement of the reconstructed permittivity maps in the case of a transmission configuration [3].
These studies have shown that it is possible to image a shallowly buried target in a medium with losses [4].

Contact : Christelle Eyraud
Keywords: Buried targets, Near subsurface, Moisture, GPR, Complex media, Multistatic, Media with losses