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Contact : Carole Deumié

Our platform is located at the CERIMED (European Center of Research in MEDical Imaging), next to Timone University in Marseille, and allow you to meet your needs in terms of validation of biological tissues, or effectiveness of medicines or cosmetic products :

• Heterogeneous bulks and rough surfaces analysis
• Angularly and spectrally resolved scattering (BRDF and BTDF, from visible to NIR)
• Biological tissues analysis
• Colored effects, solar filters

Technical spec :
• Angular light scattering (6-decade dynamics)
• Ellipsometry for scattered light
• Angular and spectral measurements (REFLET)
• Instantaneous BRDF measurements for tissues and grafts, adaptable for in-vivo experimentation
• Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT)

Scientific expertise :
• Non-destructive experiments of biological tissues, multi-scale analysis of structural properties
• 3D imaging using Optical Coherent Tomography
• Optical Diffuse Tomography
• Electromagnetic optics in random media
• Radiative transfer

Application areas :
• Ophthalmology: pathologies diagnosis and drug efficacy validation
• Dermatology: cosmetics and polarimetric analysis

Location :
Centre Européen de Recherche en Imagerie MÉDicale
Faculté de Médecine Timone
27 boulevard Jean Moulin
13005 Marseille, France