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Carolina Rendón Barraza will defend her PhD thesis entitled "Polarization-Resolved Nonlinear Microscopy in Metallic and Ferroelectric Nanostructures for Imaging and Control in Complex Media" on Friday 2 December 2016 at 2:00 p.m. in the Salle des Thèses at Campus Saint-Jérôme, Marseille.

Members of the committee:
- Prof. Dr. Paola Borri, Cardiff University, Reviewer
- Prof. Dr. Martti Kauranen, Tampere University of Technology, Reviewer
- Prof. Dr.. Agnès Maître, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
- Prof. Dr. Rachel Grange, ETH Zuric
- Dr. Sophie Brasselet, Institut Fresnel, Supervisor


PhD Thesis Carolina Rendón Barraza

Contact: Carolina Rendón Barraza, MOSAIC Group