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Muamer Kadic, FEMTO-ST, donnera un séminaire intitulé "Cloaking for Mechanical Waves by Direct Lattice Transformation" le jeudi 1er décembre 2016 à 11h00 en salle Pierre Cotton de notre laboratoire.

Abstract :
Cloaking is surprisingly demanding in mechanics. Electromagnetic waves are usually transverse ; acoustic compression waves are longitudinal. In sharp contrast, both transverse and longitudinal polarizations are generally relevant in elastic solids. Here, we ask whether the direct-lattice-transformation design approach, which we have recently introduced for static mechanics, is also applicable to mechanical waves at finite frequencies. A major hurdle for answering this question numerically has been the absence of perfectly matched layers (PMLs) for microstructures in mechanics, whereas PMLs for effective media are standard in electromagnetism.

Invitation : Sébastien Guenneau, équipe Epsilon