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Thomas Doualle will defend his Thesis "Mitigation of laser damages and defects on fused silica optics by CO2 laser processing" on Monday, November 28 at 10:30 a.m. in Salle des thèses, Campus Saint Jérôme.

Committee members :
- Laurent BERTHE - PIMM, Paris
- Bruno BOUSQUET - LOMA, Talence
- Philippe CORMONT - CEA CESTA, Le Barp
- Philippe DELAPORTE - LP3, Marseille
- Laurent GALLAIS - Institut Fresnel, Marseille
- Bruno LE GARREC - LULI, Palaiseau

Abstract :

Abstract Thesis T. Doualle

Keywords : High power laser, silica, CO2 laser , micromachining, laser induced damage, mitigation, numerical simulation

Contact : Thomas Doualle, équipe ILM