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Simona Liukaityte will defend her PhD. Thesis entitled "Innovative broad spectrum and wide dynamic range instrument for measurements of reflected, transmitted and scattered flux by high performances optical filters" on Thursday, November 17th, 2016 at 10:30 in Salle des Thèses, Campus Saint Jérôme, Marseille.

Thesis Committee :

- Alain BARTHELEMY, XLIM, Research Institute, France
- Michel de LABACHELERIE, FEMTO-ST, Research laboratory, France
- Philippe ADAM DGA, DGA, French Government Defense
- Matteo BARSUGLIA, VIRGO-APC, Research laboratory, France
- Markus TILSCH, VIAVI Solutions, United States
- Jacques BERTHON, CNES, National Centre for Space Studies, France
- Dominic DOYLE, European Space Agency, Netherlands
- Claude AMRA, Institut FRESNEL
- Myriam ZERRAD, Institut FRESNEL
- Michel LEQUIME, Institut FRESNEL

Thesis Abstract Liukaityte

Contact : Simona Liukaityte, CONCEPT group