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Stefan ENOCH

Directeur de Recherche au CNRS

I was born in Aix en Provence, France, on May 18, 1970. I am qualified from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Marseille (1994). From September 1994 to September 1997 I was on a PhD position with the LOSCM. My Ph.D. thesis (1997) was on second-harmonic generation by gratings and rough surfaces. From October 1997 to September 1998 I was on a temporary position (ATER) with the University Aix-Marseille 3, and then I became Assistant Professor in the same university. In October 2001 I joined the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifque (CNRS). I was director of the Fresnel Institute for eight years (2012 to 2019). I am currently Senior Researcher with the CNRS and Deputy Vice President for Science and Technology of Aix-Marseille Université.
I am member of the editorial board of the Journal of Modern Optics and was Associate Editor of Optics Express during height years. He received the Bronze Medal of the CNRS in 2006, Aix-Marseille Innovation Award (Researcher category) in 2019. I have been elected Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences in 2019 and Fellow Member of the Optical Society of America in 2020.
My research is in the general framework of theory, modeling and engineering of wave structure interactions. I started my career working in the field of optics and then in those microwave and, more recently, mechanical waves.
An important part of his research activities concerns theory and modeling for nanophotonics through work on photonic crystals, plasmonics and metamaterials. Metamaterials, whose "perfect lens" and invisibility are applications that have been widely commented on, have become increasingly important and are today the focus of my activities.
I created in 2014 an International Joint Laboratory on nanophotonics and metamaterials, “Associated Laboratory for Photonics in France and Australia” (ALPHFA), between CNRS and CUDOS in Australia. I was director of ALPHFA between 2014 and 2018.
More recently, applications in the domain of medical imaging became of particular importance in my work. With Pr. Eric Guedj, and Pr Alexis Jacquier, we have created a DHU Molecular Imaging and Imaging-Guided Therapy that combines research on molecular and interventional imaging including platforms and imaging modalities of Aix-Marseille site to promote diagnostic and therapeutic interactions for the benefit of patients (
I have also initiated the Marseille Imaging Institute, which aims at federating the community on biomedical imaging in Marseille in a Graduate School of Research including physicists, data scientists, biologists and medical doctors.
I am also PI of the FET-OPEN M-CUBE project (MetaMaterials antenna for ultra-high field MRI). The main objective of the project is to go beyond the limits of existing clinical imaging using an MRI scanner and radically improve spatial and temporal resolutions on image quality ( My activities on MRI antennas have enabled him to file several patents (two of them have been licenced).
I have published about 150 research articles that have been cited 10300 times and have resulted in a h-index of 46 (according to google scholar).